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Center for development of social care services „Kneginja Ljubica“ Kragujevac was founded by the decision of The Municipality of Kragujevac on the 27th of May 2011. as the social care institution for establishing, providing and development of social care services under the authority of local government. The act standards about public services and act standards in the domain of social care are being implemented on the establishment, organisation and work of the Center.
The Center has caracter of legal entity with rights, obligations and responsabilities determinated by the Article 10 of the Law on social care („Official newspaper RS“ number 24/11) The Decision on Establishment and the  Statute of Institution . The establishment of the Center for development of social care services „Kneginja Ljubica“ Kragujevac 2011. Is one of the reform activities forseen within the Strategy for social care development of the City of Kragujevac for the period from 2010 – 2013., with the aim to strenghten and improve social care services for children, youth, adult and elderly persons on the teritory of Kragujevac. Social care services are the activities of providing support and help to individuals or to families with a view to improve or keep the living conditions, to remove or decrease risks of disadvantageous life circumstances, and providing possibilities for independent life within the society (Article 5 of the Law on social care). It’s activities are being built upon following principles in the domain of social protection:
-    The principle of respect of user’s integrity and dignity
-    The principle of prohibition of discrimination
-    The principle of user’s best interest
-    The principle of less restrictive environment
The assets for realisation of Center’s activities are provided from:
-    The City budget
-    Users
-    Donors
-    Project funding
-    Contributions
-    Other sources, in accordance with the Law.



The Center’s vision is developed and effecient network of social care services which will completely satisfy various citizens’ needs, within the less restrictive environment.


The mission of the Center - Continious improvement of users’ living conditions in every lifetime, through involvement of all social acters in local community.


Center for development of social care services „Kneginja Ljubica“ Kragujevac
King Alexander Karadjordjevic street 103, Kragujevac
Tel. +(381) 34 355 486 ;   +(381) 34 355 486
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
web site: www.kneginjaljubica.org.rs



Ljiljana Stankovic, sociologist